Hello everyone, I’d like to formally introduce myself, my name is Oksana Decune, originally from Riga Latvia and a recent American citizen I am also the author, photographer and recipe designer of Gourmet Easy by Oksana. Although I do not have professional chef training nor worked as one, I have always loved cooking and learning about this art form.  Since becoming a mom of my beautiful twins,  life became quite hectic and cookinggourmet dishes more complicated. However, I wasn’t willing to give up on my passion or forfeit my dedication of feeding my family healthy and delicious meals on daily basis. Instead, I discovered how to tweak many of my favorite recipes into quicker healthier versions. More importantly, since executing them decreased so much, I was once again able deliver delectable meals.  Doing this inspired me to start a food blog and share all my favorite recipes, new and old accompanied by high quality, appetizing photos and the rest was history!

My philosophy is, no matter how busy life can get, between work and family obligations, its possible to find the time to cook wonderful healthy meals, using seasonal, fresh and organic ingredients.

Welcome to my Kitchen, I hope I can inspire you to do the same!